Dr. Willie E. Dye

Biblical Archaeologist

About Dr. Dye

“A Perfect Design Requires a Perfect Designer”

A native of Terrell, Texas, Willie E. Dye, Ph.D. has always had a curiosity and fascination with people and the world around him, showing a great interest in History and Geography since early childhood. That, combined with a love for God and humanity, as well as a burning quest for true knowledge, it is no surprise then that he is now in the field of Biblical Archaeology. He travels the world marveling at its wonders, studying and digging up evidence — from Greece to Mexico and points in between — which confirms the belief that a perfect design, indeed, requires a perfect Designer.

Through his work, Dr. Dye not only satisfies a youthful curiosity about people, their different cultures, habits and struggles, but essentially he confirms God’s Word, providing evidence that He is Creator of all.

Travel Around The World

With a Lecturing Biblical Archaeologist


Biblical Archaeologist

As a Biblical Archaeologist, Dr. Dye is among a select group of professionals worldwide. He credits Dr. Richard Fales (renowned Biblical Archaeologist from Northridge, CA) with changing the course of his life by encouraging him to study archaeology because there was such a need for its teaching in churches, plus he had never met a Black archaeologist.


Dr. Dye has taught archaeology for 30 years and has traveled to more than 52 countries around the world doing fieldwork. He currently has archaeological projects in Israel, Mexico, South Africa, and working on vertebrae paleontology and ichnology in Glenrose, Texas, at the Paluxy River Bed. Dr. Dye enjoys sharing his wealth of knowledge during tours that he organizes throughout the year. Make sure to check out the Events page and book your next travel plans.


Dr. Dye is also a lecturing archaeologist for the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas, and an area supervisor of the museum’s many archaeological digs. The museum itself holds extensive evidence of a worldwide catastrophic event that destroyed humans and dinosaurs alike during the same period.

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